Insite movie


Meet Cameron


Hello all! My name is Cameron Duckett and I will be playing the role of Ryan Miller – or Henrickson – in the film, Insite. The director, Jere Koistinen asked me to write a piece about my life and how I got into acting, the events leading up to me being cast in Insite, my first trip to Finland and what I’m doing now as I prepare to head back this year for the rest of filming. So here it goes!

An Introduction

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest region of America in Spokane, Washington. Growing up, I took piano and guitar lessons but my main focus was playing sports. Specifically: baseball, football, basketball and even wrestling for a couple years.

After graduating from Freeman High School (go Scotties!), I moved to Aberdeen, Washington (where Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain lived) for two years under a baseball scholarship at Grays Harbor College. After that, I realized baseball wasn’t the path for me anymore and I wanted to give acting my shot.

When I was growing up, acting and music had always been a secret passion of mine. However, sports took up all my time so I never could pursue them. Plus, I had never told anyone. Until now. Now, anyone who asked me knew I was transferring to the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle to study Acting and English Literature.

Before I started school at UW, while staying in Spokane for the summer, I booked my first film. The role was small and had a few lines but that didn’t matter. For me, being on that film set, watching the actors and crew operate, I became aware of my passion for acting in film as well as how much I loved being on a film set. Yet, I knew I needed to study. At that time, I was an okay actor at best. I knew I needed improvement. Education was imperative. That’s where Seattle came in…

Seattle and UW will always hold a special place in my heart. It was there my love and appreciation for acting blossomed. My training focused mainly on the theatre so naturally I acted in plays at UW and all around Seattle.