Insite movie


Meet Taryn


Hi Everyone!

My name is Taryn, or Sarah in this case. Let’s rewind for a second. I have been involved in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember. I guess you can say i’m the black sheep of my musically inclined family. Instead of a mic i’ve always craved the camera. The opportunity to embody another person, their feelings, perspectives. I was relocated to LA at a very young age with my mom. Very quickly, the independent person I have always been knew that I needed to conquer this dream on my own when I was ready and able. We moved back home shortly after and I packed my schedule with anything competitively natured. Eight years of soccer, 16 years of softball, full ride scholarships, awards, but nothing ever made me feel as complete as acting did.

I struggled for years to express the way I felt about this industry. Most people think we are all crazy! To drop everything and move to one of the largest cities in the country to compete against some of the most talented people in the world would make anyone laugh. I was parked on Sunset Blvd 18 months ago when I was about to audition for Insite. I had just hung up the phone with a family member who was giving me all the reasons I should move back home. The great job opportunities that aligned with my degree and of course joining the community theatre down the street.

I was sitting in the waiting room with only one other person (big, scary bald man). Little did I know, he was about to play my big brother and become one of my closest friends and mentors in LA. Booking Insite has been a game changer for me. Jere has kept us all involved throughout this entire project and I couldn’t ask for a better director. We have all become so close and I feel like I get to travel across the world with my family. I am so excited for this journey and so thankful to experience another culture. Finland may not be ready for Sarah…but Sarah is oh so ready for Finland.